If you have a Windows 7 PC, you must run Folio Views in XP Mode. For details on how to implement the XP Mode enviroment, see http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/

Folio files can no longer be viewed directly on eDocs.

YOU must be logged into Mitel On-Line before you can download the Folio file and you will need to install the Folio Views browser.

To install the Folio Views browser from the Mitel Software CD-ROM, which is shipped with every SX-200 ICP system:

To install the Folio Views browser from Mitel Online:

Any Folio infobase documentation files (*.nfo) downloaded from the web will now open when you click on the file. The Technical Documentation file is named: "200ICP_docs.nfo".

If you have trouble launching Folio Views by clicking on the folio file, open Windows Explorer and go to c:\Program Files\Common Files\Folio Shared\Views and double click the Views application icon or Views.exe file (this will launch the Folio Views browser on your PC), then open the folio file.