Adding and Editing Accounts

The Account Details page provides the fields and options to create and configure an account. At a minimum, you must configure the Login Settings and Licensed Features sections of the Account Details page, when you create an account.

Then at a later time, you can edit the account information, and provide additional details for the account.

 NOTE: Some configuration settings do not apply to MiCollab Client Stand-alone Web Client users (see table for details).

In addition, chat history is managed on this page.

To create an account:

  1. Configure the account Create Account Details (Login Settings).

  1. Configure the Licensed Features for the account.

  1. Click Create. You are returned to the Accounts tab.

To complete the account configuration, click the account name from the Accounts tab, and edit the account information.

 NOTE: If creating a Teamwork Mode account through AD/LDAP synchronization, fill out all fields in active directory as you would for a regular account except for the following:
a. Set PBX node value to <enterpriseId>.local, where <enterpriseId> is the ID of the enterprise being created and can be found on Enterprise Tab.
b. Do not fill out fields for desk phone and softphone.

To edit an account:

  1. Edit the account Edit Account Details (Login Settings).

  1. Edit the Licensed Features for the account.

  2. Edit the Phone Numbers for the account

  1. Configure the account Contact Information.

  1. Configure the Account Settings.

 NOTE: Some configuration fields are disabled if MiCollab Client is running in MiCollab-integrated mode.
MiVoice Conference/Video Phone devices must be set to video enabled in order to allow video calls. See MiVoice Conference/Video Phone device for further details.

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