UC Advanced Dynamic Location

UC Advanced Dynamic Location application provides access to UC Advanced features from a RIM® BlackBerry® mobile device with mobile operating systems 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, or 5.0. This application works with the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology on the device that is supported through your wireless service provider.

NOTE: This application is dependent on the GPS signal of your device. If your Dynamic Status fails to change based on your location, check the available GPS signal on your device.

The main page shows:

NOTE: If you change your status from the UC Advanced desktop client or Web client, select Update Status from the menu to sync the status on this device.

NOTE: Shows as None when the application starts before GPS is connected or if you delete your current location while GPS is not connected.

NOTE: GPS must be connected to set location coordinates and view your current location (Where am I).

A software upgrade notification indicates that a newer software version is available.