Mitel Collaboration Advanced Client

With MCA, you can now access the Mitel Collaboration Advanced Client in two different ways - through the installed client or through MCA Web Client.

With the installed client, when you join a Web conference or click the Test Browser link, your connection to the MCA server and the version of the Mitel Collaboration Advanced Client (MCAC) installed on your computer are checked before the Host or Client console opens. If the MCAC is not the correct version or is not installed, you are prompted to download a launcher application that will install or upgrade the client and take you to your conference.

If you are running on a non-Windows based machine OR you are on Windows-based machine that cannot run the required Active X or Sun Java components required by MCAC, you are directed to the MCA Web Client. You will join the conference as a participant, even if you are the designated host.

Most browsers will work with the MCA Web Client, but only a subset are officially supported. You can find more information about the supported features in the MCA Web Client

 NOTE: Your Web browser security, Active X, or SunJava settings may not allow you to join a conference. Follow the instructions on the screens to install or launch the client. In this case, you also have the option of joining the conference through the MCA Web Client, which does not require an installation on your machine and places you in the conference as a participant.

You can also download the client from http(s)://<servername>/wd/MCAClient-admin.exe.

If you are running in a networked environment, you can (as the administrator of the computer) install MCAC for all users. This is usually done in a Terminal server or Citrix environment. If you wish to do this, click the "Why am I seeing this page?" link at the bottom of the window. Choose a manual installation and then choose an administrator installation. You can install the Collaboration Client in a terminal server or Citrix® server environment for all users with an account on this computer.

 NOTE: You must have Administrator privileges to install MCAC for all users. The software must be placed in a location that all users can access. If a user on the system already has the MCAC installed on their machine locally, that version takes precedence over the administrator-installed version.  

 To install for all users:

As a user, in most cases, you will do a Typical installation. Do not do an Administrator installation unless directed by your system administrator.

 NOTE: Terminal server environments do not support video with the MCAC.

After the MCAC is installed, you can participate in Web conferences from the Host or Client console.

To remove the MCAC:


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