Logging In

This login page allows you to

Client Station Requirements

Your client PC must be running one of the following operating systems:

Browser Requirements

You must open your My Unified Communications Portal in Internet Explorer Release 7.0 or Release 8.0.

Logging into your My Unified Communications Portal

  1. If the web browser that you are using to access your portal has pop-up blocker software installed, enable pop-ups. See Enabling Pop-ups.

  2. Open Internet Explorer.

  1. Enter one of the following URLs:
    <host name of the MAS server>/portal
    < IP address of the MAS server>/portal

  2. The My Unified Communications portal login page is displayed.

  3. You may receive a security alert or a message stating that "Internet Explorer has blocked this web site from displaying content with security certificate errors." You can ignore this message and safely navigate to the portal. (This error occurs when you do not have the Mitel Security Certificate installed on your PC. To avoid this error message in future, install the trusted Mitel root certificate.)

  1. Enter your Login ID and password.

  1. In the Preferred Language field, select the desired graphical user interface language for your MAS applications. This selection only changes the graphical user interface language; it does not change the application voice prompt languages. This language selection takes precedence over your browser language.

  2. Note: When you first access the login screen, the login page adopts the language of your browser. If your browser is in a language that is not supported by MAS, the system default language will be used.

  3. Note: The NP-UM Call Director language is not controlled by the login page setting. In addition, the Call Service Manager application is available in English only.

  1. After you log in for the first time, the application prompts you to change your initial password. The system can be configured to accept weak, medium, or strong passwords.

  2. Click Remember Me to store your login and password information in an encrypted "cookie" file on your PC. Remember Me remains in effect on this PC until one of the following instances occurs:


Accessing the Audio and Web Conferencing (AWC) Public Portal

  1. Click the Audio and Web Conferencing Public Portal link in the top right corner of the login page. The Audio and Web Conferencing screen is displayed.

  2. Enter the Conference number and click Join to access a conference.